Unique Learning Environment

Research demonstrates the benefit of multi-grade classrooms and Parkview Junior Academy offers students this unique setting which:

     *Creates a diverse, yet balanced mix of students of different ages and abilities

     *Improves social relationships and facilitates a family-like atmosphere

     *Provides an environment where younger children learn from older children and older 

       children develop skills of responsibility as they serve as role models and leaders

     *Strengthens bonds between teachers and students/families

     *Helps student's learn at their own pace

(Source: Song, R., Spradlin, T. E., & Plucker, J. A. (2009, January). The Advantages and Disadvantages of Multiage Classrooms in the Era of NCLB Accountability. Retrieved from


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The Fox Den Pre-K provides an early educational program that focuses on the development of the whole person. We acknowledge each child as unique and seek to promote excellence, emotional stability, physical well-being and social responsibility within a safe, stimulating, positive and Christ-centered environment.

To accomplish this goal, we utilize the Creation Kids Curriculum, adapted from the Creation Health wellness program developed by Florida Hospital. The Creation Kids Curriculum:

[...] promotes the development of the whole child--head, hand and heart--and provides teachers guidance and support to meet the diverse needs of three and four year old children.

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Please find details about the program on the brochure below. Our program is compatible with Onondaga County's tuition subsidy program for those families in need of assistance with paying full tuition. Visit either the Jobs Plus or the Day Care Services office to find out if you are eligible.


Pre-K Sample Schedule


Kindergarten - Grade 1 


Grades 2 - 4


Grades 5 - 8