Unique Learning Environment

Research demonstrates the benefit of multi-grade classrooms and Parkview Junior Academy offers students this unique setting which:

     *Creates a diverse, yet balanced mix of students of different ages and abilities

     *Improves social relationships and facilitates a family-like atmosphere

     *Provides an environment where younger children learn from older children and older 

       children develop skills of responsibility as they serve as role models and leaders

     *Strengthens bonds between teachers and students/families

     *Helps student's learn at their own pace


(Source: Song, R., Spradlin, T. E., & Plucker, J. A. (2009, January). The Advantages and Disadvantages of Multiage Classrooms in the Era of NCLB Accountability. Retrieved from


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Kindergarten & 1st


Grades 2 - 3


Grades 4 - 6


Grades 7 - 9